Ministry of the Interior, Hellenic Republic

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National IP/MPLS VPN Network for Public Administration (SYZEFXIS) 

The Need

SYZEFXIS concerns the installation and maintenance of a stable and fast IP network to interconnect public sector organizations, including ministries, municipalities, hospitals, social security foundations, schools and many other, counting in total more than 2.200 nodes.

The services

We provide IP network and telecommunications services related to voice (switching, signalling), video (teleconferencing) and data (Internet access, IP MPLS VPN). The services include the design, implementation, maintenance, operation and support of a secure IP network using both wired and wireless infrastructure. 

Specifically, we provide:

  • on_line_accees_iconData connectivity for more than 2.200 nodes.
  • a-pointer-iconBroadband Internet access services and email.
  • cloud-with-check-box-icon VoIP telephony.
  • on_line_accees_iconTeleconferencing services.
  • a-pointer-iconPublic website per node supporting value-added services, like directory services.
  • cloud-with-check-box-icon Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services.
  • on_line_accees_iconManagement of Central Security Infrastructure (Firewall, IPS/IDS)
  • a-pointer-iconLog files management.
  • cloud-with-check-box-iconSecurity policy implementation (generic or custom per VPN).
  • on_line_accees_iconSynchronous and asynchronous trainings. 
The benefits

SYZEFXIS is a fundamental project for the Ministry of Interior, as it empowers the improvement of the operation of the Public Administration is achieved though:

  • Modernization of the network infrastructure of Public Administration towards the fulfilment of e-government model.
  • Effective management of the data traffic and the central and distributed support of all services and applications.
  • Reduction of cost of communication with simultaneous increase of the quality, reliability, availability and security of the services.
  • Upgrade of the services provided to the Greek citizens, thanks to automated and user-friendly value added services.


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