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Digital Transformation and Personalized Video-Banking 

The Need

Eurobank took a significant step towards its digital transformation, aiming
to ensure operational efficiency in banking units, as well as, to upgrade the services
provided to the customers of the bank. 
Specifically, Eurobank invested in advanced technology services in order to offer its clients secure remote collaboration for their banking transactions.

The services

We provided Eurobank with an innovative video-banking service, v-Banking. The v-Banking was designed, implemented, deployed and currently maintained and supported by us, is an advanced form of teleconference, which Eurobank is the first to offer to its business clients in the European market.

The services include:

  • cisco-iconProvision, installation, operation and support of a Cisco platform to accommodate remote collaboration between Eurobank and their clients.
  • remote-collaboration-iconDesign and implementation of innovative applications to enhance security and credibility in the communication.
  • handset-iconOperations and support for the v-Banking solution.


The benefits

The innovative v-Banking service, unique in European level, modernizes banking transactions, giving priority to clients and their businesses. The clients are now able to experience personalized customer service:

  • Within a secure digital environment.
  • From specialized counselors.
  • Via high-resolution video calls and 
  • Without the need of visiting a bank branch.
  • The v-Banking solution enables Eurobank to meet its business needs, reducing operational costs and minimizing the implementation time of daily tasks, while shielding its business continuity against risks/threats such as COVID-19.

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