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The Need

The European Patent Office (EPO) supports innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth across Europe by granting patents for products, ideas and inventions to researchers, inventors and companies from around the world.

The IT infrastructure and networks of the EPO support the daily business of more than 7.000 EPO employees, patent applicants, patent owners and other users from around the world. 

As the patent office for Europe, EPO is focused to deliver high-quality patents and efficient services that foster innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth. With one of the largest technology infrastructures in 4 different European countries, the EPO is looking to identify a technology service provider to support its business critical, round-the-clock operations and provide specialist engineering skills and operational experience.

The services

OTE Group has undertaken a five-year project to operate the Operations Control Center (OCC) of the EPO, in the Hague, as well as, a 4-year Operations Services Framework (OSF) to support the EPO’s Data Centers in Luxembourg, Munich and Hague.

Specialized engineers of OTE Group provide 24/7 efficient monitoring to EPO’s infrastructure availability, performance, and health with rapid incident response, to ensure best possible performance and minimize downtime. 

Our three-fold approach to provisioning ICT Services include:

  • infrastructure-iconMaintenance and Support: In essence keeping the lights on and ensuring appropriate technical resources available in the agreed time frame to address issues rapidly and prevent/reduce downtime.
  • icon-24-7Continuous Monitoring: Keeping a comprehensive eye on the availability, performance and health of EPO’s IT infrastructure and network.
  • icon-globalSystems Management: Configuration, administration of EPO’s network and infrastructure; ensuring appropriate configuration and adapting it as requirements change, undertaking frequent system administrator housekeeping tasks, and continually assessing systems to make certain they are providing optimal performance and usability.
The benefits

Through the OCC and OSF projects, the EPO enjoys high quality IT infrastructure operations services that ensure high-availability, resiliency and business continuity of their IT infrastructure, which enables them to fulfill their mission by:

  • Effectively implementing the EPO processes for patent filling, search and examination, opposition examination, patent granting and information;
  • Increasing the agility, reliability and security of EPO systems that make it possible to implement a fully digital, end-to-end patent granting process;
  • Providing a highly effective business continuity and crisis management strategy, which ensures the long-term sustainability of business operations;
  • Enabling their employees (more than 7.000) and key users to use reliable networking and UC services such as video conferencing;
  • Securely communicating with the stakeholders (Patent Offices, Intellectual Property Offices, patent applicants, etc.) in their area of responsibility worldwide;

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